This is the G.I. Joe Battleground Resources page. This is the best place to find information and websites to help with cognitive development and education. Also, find out more about games and fun ways to learn.

Study the USA

Featured image Resources Study the USA - Resources

Study USA is a website where citizens and those considering emmigrating can learn more about the school system in the USA. The website explains different aspects of the school system. It also gives information about subjects, schools and more.

Prodigy Game

Featured image Resources Prodigy Game - Resources

Prodigy Game is an excellent website for finding educational games. They have a great list of mathematics-based games. Their information and lists also include both online and traditional games. From this website, you will also be directed to other great resources.


Featured image Resources NRICH - Resources

NRICH also offers some helpful information and advice on games for learning. The website is linked to Cambridge University and may add a lot of value to the learning process. Visit the NRICH website to find out more about developing cognitive abilities through games in the classroom and at home.


Featured image Resources Understood - Resources

Understood is a blog website for parents and teachers. They have articles on a variety of issues and concerns relating to children. They also explain why games are great for improving math skills. Parents will find great content and guidance at Understood.


Featured image Resources StudyBox - Resources

StudyBox is not a US-based website, but they have some helpful information. StudyBox focuses on math and English learning and teaching. They give advice and guidance to parents and explain the importance of math skills.


Featured image Resources Cuemath - Resources

This is another website that is focused on mathematical skills. The people involved here are math experts. They offer help for teaching math and how to make it fun. They even provide interactive worksheets. Parents can also find games that will help teach mathematical concepts and skills.

Google Play

Featured image Resources Google Play - Resources

Google Play is an excellent resource for finding mobile and online games for kids. They have many different educational games. When you visit Google Play, you will find reviews and suggestions. The great thing is that many of these games are free.

PBS Kids

Featured image Resources PBS Kids - Resources

PBS Kids is another website where parents and teachers can find great game resources. There are many different educational resources and games. There will be something here for any child who wants to improve their cognitive abilities.

ABC Mouse

Featured image Resources ABC Mouse - Resources

ABC Mouse is a popular website for kids’ games and educational resources. Visit their website to find out more and browse through all the wonderful ideas and games they offer.

Featured image Resources  - Resources is a website that shares and sells worksheets for all grades. Their resources cover every subject. They also have lots of games through which kids can practice concepts and learn. You will also find links to pages for creating word searches and similar games.